Saturday, 9 February 2013

Arrived Safely!

So, after 12,000 miles worth of travelling we have arrived safely in Durban! The flights were very comfortable and the organisation between airports was incredibly smooth. A moment of slight hysteria hit us at Glasgow Airport as Charlotte Briggs spied her childhood heroes 'Sam and Mark'. No lack of confidence from the Gillespie's pupils in approaching said heroes!

We received a remarkable welcome from pupils of the Zwelibanzi and Dloko High Schools who had drawn a huge crowd with their singing and dancing in the main concourse of Durban Airport. Our pupils responded in kind with a can-dance, highland dance and rendition of 'Flower of Scotland'.

After a brief 'meet & greet', we travelled to the 'Beach Hotel' on the beach front. Now that we've settled in, Saturday consists of sorting through all the donations we brought over, a venture down the beach and spending time with the Sisco street kids project, then dinner along the harbour at Zack's tonight.

The pupils have been fantastic and a real credit to the school. By the standards set so far, this is going to be an amazing week.

More updates to follow.

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