Monday, 25 February 2013

'Absolutely loved it'

South Africa 2013 was undoubtedly the time of my life so far. The people I met and the things I saw in Zwelibanzi, Dloko, Charles Memorial and the Sisco Project were unforgettable. Even the staff working in the restaurants and many locals we simply talked to about us being there, were so kind and welcoming and treated us like one of their family. Before I went I was kind of sceptical about how well I would get on with people I had never met, but from the moment I stopped to talk to them I was at ease due to how unbelievably friendly they were, and how keen they were to make friends and chat to you. It's amazing how people that have so little can be so positive and happy. They are so much more focussed than us, without the support and attention that we get from school and our parents. It was really unforgettable. I absolutely loved it.

Ethan Gillies-Denning

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