Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Operation Bobbi Bear

At this week's meeting the group of students and staff who will be travelling to South Africa in February were introduced to the charity Operation Bobbi Bear, as JGHS will be visiting this organisation for the first time this year.

We first heard about Operation Bobbi Bear through the Jabulani Project, who have been providing volunteers and financial support to the charity for a number of years and have great admiration for the work that they do.

Operation Bobbi Bear was established in 1992 to support and fight for the rights of sexually abused children. They carry out amazing work that includes providing medical and emotional support to child victims of sexual abuse, educating communities about how to support these children, and liaising with the South African legal system to try and ensure that the perpetrators of these crimes are prosecuted without compromising the safety and wellbeing of the child.

Please visit the Bobbi Bear website at to find out more and watch their excellent video on YouTube at

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