Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Information from Parents' Meeting on June 17th

Thanks to all who attended yesterday's parent's meeting - your support is valued as always. We've summarised as much of the information as possible below for those who couldn't make it along.

Mr McCallum provided information about the organisation and admin of the trip. Most of the information is summarised in his powerpoint presentation, which can be viewed by following this link

Miss Gray gave an overview of the purpose of the trip, and what we get up to while we are away in South Africa. Here is a link to her powerpoint presentation.

Miss Grant talked about what happens in the months leading up to the trip from now until we leave in February. This covered both what is expected of the pupils, and how parents can get involved. Here is a link to her powerpoint presentation.

The next parent's meeting will be on Tuesday 7th October at 7pm in the resource centre at Darroch. We will send a reminder about this after the summer holiday.

We hope this inforamtion is of use, and hope to see you all on October 7th!

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